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Table 1 list of nine active ingredients of NSAIDs included in our study with their local and imported trade names

From: Comparative evaluation of drug information leaflets for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in Palestine: local versus imported products

Active ingredientLocal productsImported products
CelecoxibCelex®,Coxib®Celecox®, Celebra®
EtoricoxibTericox®, Etoflam®Arcoxia®
Diclofenac Na+Diclofen®, Rufenal®, Voryn®Betaren®, Swiss Relief®, Voltaren®
Diclofenac K+Anaflam®, Joflam®, Toleran®Cataflam®
IbuprofenIsofen®,Trufen® Ultrafen®(Adex, Adex Forte)®,Advil Liqui-gel®, Artofen®,Ibufen®, Nurofen forte®
Naproxen Na+Naproxan®Narocin®, Point®