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Table 1 Encounter Review Sample Strata and Sample Weights

From: Validation of use of billing codes for identifying telemedicine encounters in administrative data

Billing Code CriteriaNumber of Encounters AvailableProportion of Available EncountersNumber of Encounters SelectedProportion of Selected EncountersSample Weighta
Inpatient encounter, no modifier code796,4810.379630.16152.349146
Outpatient encounter, no modifier code1,299,5210.619670.17183.603393
Inpatient encounter, GT modifier5520.000263650.16670.001578
Outpatient encounter, GT modifier20760.000989620.15900.006222
Inpatient encounter, GQ modifier00000
Outpatient encounter, GQ modifier2580.0001231320.33850.000363
  1. aSample weight = (Percent of encounters available) / (Percent of encounters selected)