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Table 5 Description of the variables that increased, decreased, and did not change between PMAQ-AB Cycles

From: Evaluation of the primary care for chronic diseases in the high coverage context of the Family Health Strategy

Dimensions of the FHSVariables
IncreasedDecreasedDid not change
Structure of PHUsCaptoprilPrednisoneSalbutamol
Seasonal influenza vaccineHydrochlorothiazideIpratropium bromide
Sterilization roomGlibenclamideBeta blockers
Procedures roomMetforminLosartan
Dressings roomFenoterolSimvastatin
Inhalation roomEndocervical brushNPH Insulin
 Ayre spatulaRegular Insulin
Slide clampBeclomethasone
Provide nursing consultations
Glass blade with matte side
Blade holder
Gynecological table
Light focuser
Provide vaccination
Vaccination room
Team with Internet access
 Vehicle for external activities
Work process of family health teamsHealth education for menHealth education for womenDocument that proves the performance of health education
Health education scheduleHealth education for older adultsProvide actions for groups of self-management support for NCDs
Registration of schoolchildren with health needsHealth education addressing healthy eatingRegistration of bedridden people
Evaluation of user satisfaction Provide actions for groups of people with diabetes
Physical activities Provide actions for women’s groups (cancer prevention)
User receives referral form to seek scheduling Provide actions for groups of people with obesity
  Protocol for priority home visits
  Management provides information for health situation analysis
  1. Abbreviations: PHUs primary care units, NPH Neutral Protamine Hagedorn, NCDs chronic noncommunicable diseases