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Table 1 Factor loading of the PHUs structure. CATPCA model (n = 233)

From: Evaluation of the primary care for chronic diseases in the high coverage context of the Family Health Strategy

Principal ComponentsCycle 1Cycle 2
Factor loading
 Medications for the treatment of NCDs0.7970.638
  Ipratropium bromide0.6780.804
  Beta blockers0.8160.936
  NPH Insulin0.7710.864
  Regular Insulin0.7350.814
 Materials for cervical cancer screening
  Endocervical brush0.7700.844
  Ayre spatula0.8160.813
  Slide clamp0.7150.718
  Glass blade with matte side0.6530.692
  Blade holder0.4630.765
  Gynecological table0.515a
  Light focuser0.435a
  Provide nursing consultationsa0.401
 Provision of vaccinations and infrastructure
  Seasonal influenza vaccine0.4000.519
  Vaccination room0.4770.534
  Sterilization room0.5590.429
  Team with Internet access0.4330.418
  Vehicle for external activities0.5250.422
  Procedures rooma0.509
  Dressings rooma0.477
  Inhalation rooma0.430
  1. Abbreviations: PHUs primary care units, NPH Neutral Protamine Hagedorn, NCDs chronic noncommunicable diseases, PC Principal Components
  2. Definitions of symbols: afactor loading < 0.4, therefore, not extracted by the CATPCA model to integrate the components in this Cycle