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Table 4 Medical and reproductive characteristics of HIV positive woman attending adult ART clinic in Public Health Facilities, Hawassa town, Ethiopia, 2019

From: Cervical cancer screening service utilization and associated factors among HIV positive women attending adult ART clinic in public health facilities, Hawassa town, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

VariablesFrequencyScreened for cervical cancer
Diagnosed for HIV (year)
 <  516440124
 ≥ 51789781
WHO clinical stage
CD4 count (cell/mm3)
 <  500227116111
 ≥ 5001152194
Duration of enrollment
 < = 414736116
 > 10864538
Multiple sexual partner
Family history of cervical cancer
Age at first sexual act
 ≤ 201344985
 > 2020888120
Partner support
Recommendation by provider for cervical cancer screening