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Table 2 Knowledge items responses of HIV positive women attending adult ART clinic in Public Health Facilities, Hawassa town, Ethiopia, 2019

From: Cervical cancer screening service utilization and associated factors among HIV positive women attending adult ART clinic in public health facilities, Hawassa town, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Knowledge itemsFrequencyPercentage
Risk factorsUnsafe sexual practice13238.6
Sexually transmitted infections12937.7
Having multiple sexual partner9728.4
Early sexual activity4914.3
Prolonged use of oral contraceptive113.2
Do not know8725.4
Sign and symptoms of cervical cancerPelvic pain14040.9
foul smelling vaginal discharges13639.8
post coital bleeding7421.6
Lengthy menstruation4613.5
pain during sex247.0
Inter menstrual bleeding113.2
Do not know13038.0
Prevention methodsCervical cancer screening16147.1
Consistent condom use11433.3
Treatment of STIs6218.1
Reduce sexual partner5917.3
Late marriage319.1
Do not know8825.7
Benefit of screeningEarly detection21763.5
Early treatment8926.0
Early diagnosis6218.1
Decreasing chances of an abortion41.2
Do not know2513.2