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Table 4 Factor structure of the sf-DCS (principal component analysis, n = 675)

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric assessment of the statement format Decisional Conflict Scale for Mandarin version

ItemsOne factor extractedFive factorsThree factors
sf-DCS 1: I know which options are available to me.0.744-----0.663  
sf-DCS 2: I know the benefits of each option.0.8130.750    0.719  
sf-DCS 3: I know the possible risks and side effects of each option.0.7940.742    0.768  
sf-DCS 4: I am clear about which benefits matter most to me.0.796 0.782   0.755  
sf-DCS 5: I am clear about which risks and side effects matter most to me.0.810 0.723   0.761  
sf-DCS 6: I am clear about which is more important to me (the benefits or the risks and side effects).0.810--------
sf-DCS 7: I have enough support from others to make a choice.0.732  0.820   0.816 
sf-DCS 8: I am choosing without pressure from others.0.680--------
sf-DCS 9: I have enough advice to make a choice.0.759  0.744   0.779 
sf-DCS 10: I am clear about the best choice for me.0.880   0.695   0.654
sf-DCS 11: I feel sure about what to choose.0.884   0.738   0.671
sf-DCS 12: This decision is easy for me to make.0.834   0.703   0.665
sf-DCS 13: I feel I have made an informed choice.0.860    0.532  0.688
sf-DCS 14: My decision shows what is important to me.0.852    0.736  0.802
sf-DCS 15: I expect to stick with my decision.0.831    0.837  0.843
sf-DCS 16: I am satisfied with my decision.0.858    0.799  0.819
  1. Factor loadings between −0.50 and 0.50 are omitted