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Table 2 Self-perceived prior knowledge of and attitude towards influenza immunization/breast cancer screening

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric assessment of the statement format Decisional Conflict Scale for Mandarin version

CharacteristicsDecision context
Influenza immunizationBreast cancer screening
Self-perceived prior knowledge level of influenza immunization/breast cancer screeningFull knowledge5.7%(25)5.9%(14)
Partial knowledge83.3%(364)76.1%(181)
No knowledge11.0%(48)18.1%(43)
Have you read the information provided about influenza immunization/breast cancer?Have read all the information62.5%(273)60.5%(144)
Have read a part of the information32.0%(140)36.1%(86)
Haven’t read the information at all5.5%(24)3.4%(8)
Assuming that you have enough spare time tomorrow and now you need to decide whether to receive influenza immunization/ breast cancer screening or not, which option do you choose?Accept44.2%(193)45.4%(108)
  1. SD standard deviation