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Table 5 Perceived usual source of care currently and prior to the use of voucher (2016)

From: What is the long term impact of voucher scheme on primary care? Findings from a repeated cross sectional study using propensity score matching

Usual source of carePrior to the use of vouchers
(n = 766)
(n = 766)
Public doctors only189 (24.7)132 (17.2)< 0.001
Private doctors only159 (20.8)133 (17.4) 
Both public and private doctors371 (48.4)474 (61.9) 
Seldom/never seen doctors44 (5.7)26 (3.4) 
Seeing other healthcare professionals3 (0.4)1 (0.1) 
  1. Figures may not add up to total number of respondents since we exclude those saying “don’t know”/"don’t remember” or missing;
  2. P-value indicates the statistical significance of years with usual source of care