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Table 3 Socio-demographic, clinical characteristics and healthcare experiences of users with surgical care

From: User experience and satisfaction with specialty consultations and surgical care in secondary and tertiary level hospitals in Mexico

VariablesTotal n = 528
Weighted %
Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics
 Age groups
   ≤ 35 years29.3
   > 35 & ≤ 44 years20.6
   > 44 & ≤64 years32.6
   ≥ 65 years17.5
  Incomplete elementary school or without formal education11.5
  Compete elementary school16.6
  Complete secondary school or higher71.9
 Region of residence according to the socio-economic level
  Stratum 1 (lowest socio-economic level)1.6
  Stratum 212.6
  Stratum 35.1
  Stratum 424.1
  Stratum 515.6
  Stratum 620.7
  Stratum 7 (highest socio-economic level)20.3
 Level of healthcare in which surgery was performed
 Cause of surgery
  Diseases of the digestive system24.6
  Diseases of the genitourinary system13.7
  Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue12.8
  Injury, poisoning and other consequences of external causes8.9
  Diseases of the eye and adnexa8.2
  Other types of diseases and cesarean section17.4
  Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified14.4
Users experience with surgery
 I. Client focus
  Wait time between recommendation for surgery and actual surgery ≤20 days71.1
  History of surgery postponement(s)11.1
 II. Respect
  Surgeon greeted patient before a surgery82.2
  Surgeon explained the risks and benefits of a surgery87.2
  Surgeon gave clear information to the patient’s relatives85.8
 III. Quality of basic amenities
  Hospital’s cleanliness very good or good76.4
 IV. Quality impact on health
  Patient had complications that required another surgery13.0
Overall satisfaction
 Satisfied with surgery86.6