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Table 1 User experience with specialty consultations and surgical care organized under the Lancet Global Health Commission on High-Quality Health Systems conceptual framework

From: User experience and satisfaction with specialty consultations and surgical care in secondary and tertiary level hospitals in Mexico

DomainsSpecialty consultationSurgery
I. Client focusWaiting time for outpatient consultation in hospital outpatient area ≤ 30 minWaiting time between referral to surgery and actual surgery is ≤20 completed waiting days
History of surgery postponement(s)
II. RespectCourtesy: Specialist greeted the patient at the beginning of the consultation
Clear communication:
Specialist gave the patient an opportunity to talk about health-related concerns
Specialist listened to the patient with attention and without interruptions
Specialist clearly answered patient questions
Specialist resolved patient doubts about health-related self-care
Courtesy: Surgeon greeted patient before surgery
Clear communication:
Surgeon explained the risks and benefits of surgery
Surgeon gave clear information to the patient’s relatives
III. Competent careSpecialist performed clinical examination
IV. Quality of basic amenitiesHospital cleanliness was very good or goodHospital cleanliness was very good or good
V. Quality impactQuality impact on financial risk protection: Patient received all prescribed medicines in the hospital pharmacy free due to their coverage by IMSS health insurance (reference group did not have any prescription to fulfill)Quality impact on health: Patient did not have complications that required another surgery