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Table 4 Association between factor score of work type and respondents’ characteristics

From: A self-reported measurement scale on a potential component of competency in the healthcare staff engaged in the prevention and control of non-communicable disease in Fiji

 Work management (Factor 1)Monitoring & evaluation (Factor 2)Community partnership (Factor 3)Community diagnosis (Factor 4)
Parameter estimateSEpParameter estimateSEpParameter estimateSEpParameter estimateSEp
Social statusSex (male = 1; female = 2)−0.880.670.29−0.650.660.59−0.750.630.36−0.400.610.54
Age (continuous variable; per + 10 years)− 0.570.330.21− 0.620.350.440.310.320.08−0.290.330.40
Marital statusMarried0 (ref.)0.060 (ref.)0.06    
Not married−1.000.52 −1.140.52     
Academic degreeCertificate college      0 (ref.)0.01
Diploma      −2.141.36 
Bachelor’s degree      −3.441.42 
Others      −0.811.58 
Ethnic backgroundiTaukei  0 (ref.)0.01    
Fijian of Indian descent  0.500.80     
Fijian of other descent  −3.571.41     
ReligionChristian  0 (ref.)0.070 (ref.)0.03  
Hindu  −1.890.87 −1.120.51   
Others  2.231.29 −1.881.11   
Working situationWorking placeHealth center      0 (ref.)0.06
Hospital      −1.200.50 
Nursing station      −1.290.81 
Others      −0.470.74 
Health Professional qualification        
  1. The independent variables were selected by stepwise procedure with a p value of < 0.10 for entry and removal of all the variables of social status and working situation; sex and age were forced to enter into the model
  2. Sex and age were forced to enter into the multivariable model
  3. SE: standard error
  4. -: the variable was not selected by stepwise procedure