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Table 1 Characteristics of the respondents (n = 179)

From: A self-reported measurement scale on a potential component of competency in the healthcare staff engaged in the prevention and control of non-communicable disease in Fiji

 mean ± SD34.6±7.80.6
 -34 y9351.93.7
 35–44 y6938.53.6
 45- y179.62.2
Marital status
 not married4223.53.2
Academic degree
 Certificate collage42.21.1
 Bachelor degree2312.92.5
 Master course of a graduate school00.0
 Doctoral course of a graduate school00.0
Ethnic background
 Fijian of Indian descent5631.33.5
 Fijian of other descent52.81.2
Working place
 health center11865.93.5
 nursing station126.71.9
 diabetic hub centre00.0
 senior citizens home10.60.6
 divisional office21.10.8
 sub-divisional office52.81.2
Health professional qualification
 nurse practitioner73.913.6
 registered nurse15083.82.8
Duration of working experience under the MOHMS (months)
 mean ± SD138.8±90.76.8
 (11 years 6 months)
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. SE standard error