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Table 3 Information provided by healthcare workers and client perceptions of services at ROPD and PWOPD of Addis Ababa public hospitals, May 2018

From: Factors of patient satisfaction in adult outpatient departments of private wing and regular services in public hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a comparative cross-sectional study

InformationResponseROPD* (n = 488)PWOPD* (n = 467)
Frequency (n)Percent (%)Frequency (n)Percent (%)
The provider told them about the prevention of recurrence of the illnessYes41184.240286.1
Provider interviewed them by the language they can understandYes48198.645697.6
Information gained on drug use and side effectsExplain all23357.524056.9
Explain some14636.015135.8
Do not explain266.4317.3
  1. *ROPD Regular outpatient department, PWOPD Private wing outpatient department