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Table 2 Acceptance and reasons for not being willing to pay for HBV vaccination, Gondar City Administration Governmental Health Institutions, Northwest Ethiopia, 2017 (N = 423)

From: Health professionals’ acceptance and willingness to pay for hepatitis B virus vaccination in Gondar City Administration governmental health institutions, Northwest Ethiopia

Variable Frequency (n) Percentage (%)
Do you want to pay for HBV vaccination?
 Yes 264 62.4
 No 159 37.6
Why do not you want to pay for HBV vaccination?
 The vaccine is not available 76 47.8
 Not at risk of acquiring the virus 16 10.1
 Not aware about the availability of the vaccine 26 16.4
 Peer pressure 14 8.8
 Lack of time 6 3.8
 Vaccination process is time consuming 15 9.4
 Others 6 3.8