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Table 2 Relationship between having a GPMP and/or TCA during the baseline service period and (i) Potentially preventable hospitalisation and (ii) Emergency hospitalisation

From: Do general practice management and/or team care arrangements reduce avoidable hospitalisations in Central and Eastern Sydney, Australia?

GPMP or TCA at baselinenEmergency Hospitalisation within 5 yearsPotentially Preventable Hospitalisation within 5 years
Numbers and percentagesAdjusted ModelaNumbers and percentagesAdjusted Modela
yes%no%HR (95% CI)yes%no%HR (95% CI)
  1. aAdjusted for age, sex, language other than English, country of birth, household income, highest qualification, work status, private health insurance, smoking status, adequate physical activity, adequate fruit and vegetable consumption, weekly alcohol intake, Body Mass Index (BMI)category, treatment for high blood pressure, treatment for high cholesterol, physical functioning, psychological distress, self-rated good health, self-rated good quality of life, number of chronic conditions, needs help for a disability, self-reported a fall, average number of GP visits per annum over baseline period, continuity of care indictor, hospitalised over baseline, saw a specialist over baseline period