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Table 2 Characteristics of case studies

From: Comparative case studies in integrated care implementation from across the globe: a quest for action

Case Study: Target Population and Health Outcome Country Healthcare Financing Structure EPIS Phase(s) Targeted
Single Payer Multiple Payer E P I S
1. Integrated Care for Older Adults with Frailty United Kingdom X   X X   
2. Access to Integrated Care Tailored for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder United States   X X X X  
3. Perinatal Depression Screening and Treatment Vietnam X   X X X  
4. Integrated Care Following Mental Health Insurance Reform Israel X     X  
5. Scaling up Care for Perinatal Depression in Primary Care Nigeria   X    X  
6. Midwifery Continuity of Care Model to Reduce Preterm Birth United Kingdom X     X X
7. Patient-Centered Medical Home Model for Adults and Children to Improve Health and Experience at a Reduced Cost United States   X     X
  1. Note. Please refer to the Additional File for greater details about each case study