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Table 2 Schedule for focus group

From: Specific timely appointments for triage to reduce wait times in a medical outpatient clinic: protocol of a pre-post study with process evaluation

Topic Area

Sample Questions

• Context question and general thoughts

• Please describe the changes that were made to your service in relation to the STAT model

• Pre-intervention

• Prior to the change did you perceive waiting times to be a problem in this service, and what are your thoughts on whether there was a case for change?

• Implementation period

• How would you describe your experience during the backlog reduction and setting up the new work processes?

• What worked well?

• What were the barriers to implementing this change?

• What support did you require to implement this model?

• Effect on work practices

• How does the model affect your workload?

• Describe changes to the way you manage your patients for ongoing treatment?

• Were there any unexpected pathways or consequences that occurred as a result of this change?

• Effect on patient care

• What effect has the model had on patient care?

• Overall opinion/ future directions

• Can you describe any other benefits of the new system?

• Can you describe any disadvantages?

• Are there things that could have been done differently to improve the implementation process?

• Explain your thoughts on whether this model could be implemented in other services

• Do you have any other thoughts about this model and its applicability to other services?

  1. Focus group purpose and framework:
  2. • A focus group will be conducted with staff involved in the intervention. The purpose of the focus group is to gain insights into the process of implementing the STAT model from the service provider perspective. Of interest are the group’s views on how the STAT model impacted their workflow, whether there were benefits or drawbacks, what support was required, were there unexpected consequences and whether the model should be continued in this clinic and/or applied to other clinics
  3. Initial statements:
  4. • Let the staff members know that they will be asked questions about their experience of the STAT model
  5. • Remind them that their answers will be recorded so that the researchers can review them later