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Table 1 Outcome measures and collection phase

From: Specific timely appointments for triage to reduce wait times in a medical outpatient clinic: protocol of a pre-post study with process evaluation

Primary outcome
 Wait time
  Number of patients on the wait list
  Number of days waiting from referral to first appointment 
Secondary outcomes
 Service measures
  Number of appointments delivered (new and review) 
  Outcome (booked for review, failed to attend, discharged) 
  Wait time to next first appointment and next review appointment 
  Number of days waited by the longest waiters (90th percentile and top 3)
  Outcomes from initial waitlist reduction strategy (booked for assessment or removed from waitlist)  
  Cost directly associated with implementation  
 Patient outcomes
  Hospital admissions (number and total days) 
  Emergency department presentations between referral and first appointment 
  Change in management or risk between referral and first appointment 
 Staff perception
  Staff focus group