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Table 2 Overview of organisations

From: Challenges and practices in promoting (ageing) employees working career in the health care sector – case studies from Germany, Finland and the UK

CaseNumber of interviewsNumber of employeesOwnershipOrganisation typeWorkforce characteristics
FIN13150–200PrivateOccupational healthFemale (90%), part time (25%), permanent contract (98%), 48 years mean age
FIN23350PublicHospitalFemale (95%), part time (11%), permanent contract (77%), 45 years mean age
FIN332.000MunicipalMunicipal health care organisationFemale (91%), part time (13%), permanent contract (75%), 44 years mean age
UK18400Non-profit organisationSocial housing and carePredominantly female
UK28460Non-profit organisationInpatient care facilityFemale (75%), part time (75%), 43 years mean age
GER17250PrivateInpatient care facilityPredominantly female
GER25900MunicipalInpatient care facilityFemale (90%), older than 50 (25%)
GER38200PrivateHospitalPredominantly female
GER441.600University hospitalHospitalFemale (majority), 43 years mean age
GER5254PrivateOutpatient carenn
GER6340PrivateInpatient care facilityPredominantly female