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Table 6 Results of the stepwise multiple linear regression model

From: Workload and influencing factors in non-emergency medical transfers: a multiple linear regression analysis of a cross-sectional questionnaire study

 Unstandardized CoefficientsStd. ErrorStandardized CoefficientsSig.95.0% Confidence Interval for B
BBetaLower BoundUpper Bound
Constant− 76.7122.03 0.001− 120,567− 32.857
Weller TMT−3.961.33−0.2420.004−6.606−1.32
Physically aggressive patient33.569.600.2610.00114.44952.679
Infectious patient15.424.860.2430.0025.73325.096
Obstruction by bystander35.0513.820.1940.0137.53662.553
Verbally aggressive bystander19.437.060.2110.0075.37233.488
Patient’s body weight0.140.060.1930.0120.0330.251
  1. This table reports the results of our main statistical analysis. The total n of analysed missions was 194. Unstandardized coefficients explain how much the NASA-TLX value increases for one step on the scale of the variable that is shown in the first row. (F (7;79) = 15,018; p < 0.01; adjusted R2 = 53%; SE = 13%)