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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of the participants

From: Workload and influencing factors in non-emergency medical transfers: a multiple linear regression analysis of a cross-sectional questionnaire study

  MinMaxMeanSDn (%)
Sociodemographic dataAge195534.8910.63
Body Mass Index19.5744.3128.005.91
Years in job03712.5310.24
SexMale57 (58.17%)
Female18 (18.37%)
Missing23 (23.47%)
QualificationNotfallsanitäter30 (30.61%)
Rettungsassistent24 (24.49%)
Rettungssanitäter15 (15.31%)
Notfallsanitäter in training5 (5.10%)
Other or not specified24 (25.49%)