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Table 1 Elements of the PICOS question defined for this review

From: A systematic review and meta-analysis of community and primary-care-based hepatitis C testing and treatment services that employ direct acting antiviral drug treatments

  Inclusion Exclusion
Population Age 18 years and over
Infected with hepatitis C
Age less than 18 years
Co-infection with Hepatitis B virus
Co-infection with HIV
Intervention Provision of hepatitis C treatment in any primary care and community environments
Treatment using any direct acting antiviral therapy
Care provider could be any health care provider
Hepatitis C treatment in prison populations
Treatment with ribavirin / interferon regimes as the primary intervention
Comparison Care in any hospital or secondary care environment or no comparison group  
Outcome Treatment uptake, treatment completion and SVR outcomes  
Study design Observational studies, retrospective or prospective cohort studies, randomised trials; conference abstracts; qualitative and mixed methods studies Case studies; systematic reviews