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Table 3 Top 20 most cited papers among economic evaluation publications

From: Economic evaluation studies in the field of HIV/AIDS: bibliometric analysis on research development and scopes (GAPRESEARCH)

#TitleJournalCitationsYearsCite rate per year
1Expanded screening for HIV in the United States - An analysis of cost-effectiveness [41]New England Journal Of Medicine369200528.38
2The cost effectiveness of combination antiretroviral therapy for HIV disease [42]New England Journal Of Medicine349200120.53
3Cost-effectiveness of voluntary HIV-1 counselling and testing in reducing sexual transmission of HIV-1 in Kenya and Tanzania [43]Lancet250200013.89
4Cost effectiveness of single-dose nevirapine regimen for mothers and babies to decrease vertical HIV-1 transmission in sub-Saharan Africa [44]Lancet196199910.32
5The cost-effectiveness of NAT for HIV, HCV, and HBV in whole-blood donations [45]Transfusion184200312.27
6Use of genotypic resistance testing to guide HIV therapy: Clinical impact and cost-effectiveness [46]Annals Of Internal Medicine16920019.94
7Updates of cost of illness and quality of life estimates for use in economic evaluations of HIV prevention programs [47]Journal Of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes And Human Retrovirology16719977.95
8The cost-effectiveness of preventing AIDS-related opportunistic infections [48]JAMA-Journal Of The American Medical Association16319988.15
9HIV transmission and the cost-effectiveness of methadone maintenance [49]American Journal Of Public Health13420007.44
10Cost-Effectiveness of Serum Cryptococcal Antigen Screening to Prevent Deaths among HIV-Infected Persons with a CD4(+) Cell Count <= 100 Cells/mL Who Start HIV Therapy in Resource-Limited Settings [50]Clinical Infectious Diseases130201016.25
11Should resistance testing be performed for treatment-naive HIV-infected patients? A cost-effectiveness analysis [51]Clinical Infectious Diseases12520059.62
12Cost-effectiveness of improved treatment services for sexually transmitted diseases in preventing HIV-1 infection in Mwanza Region, Tanzania [52]Lancet12419975.90
13Cost-effectiveness of screening for anal squamous intraepithelial lesions and anal cancer in human immunodeficiency virus-negative homosexual and bisexual menAmerican Journal Of Medicine12120006.72
14Positive and negative life events after counselling and testing: the Voluntary HIV-1 Counselling and Testing Efficacy Study [53]AIDS11220016.59
15Modeling the impact of HIV chemoprophylaxis strategies among men who have sex with men in the United States: HIV infections prevented and cost-effectiveness [54]AIDS110200811.00
16Cost-Effectiveness Of Low-Dose Zidovudine Therapy For Asymptomatic Patients With Human-Immunodeficiency-Virus (HIV) Infection [55]Annals Of Internal Medicine10919914.04
17Cost-effectiveness of expanded human immunodeficiency virus-testing protocols for donated blood [56]Transfusion10519975.00
18The cost-effectiveness of buprenorphine maintenance therapy for opiate addiction in the United States [57]Addiction9820015.76
19The cost-effectiveness of HLA-B*5701 genetic screening to guide initial antiretroviral therapy for HIV [58]AIDS8920088.90
20Is antenatal syphilis screening still cost effective in sub-Saharan Africa [59]Sexually Transmitted Infections8520035.67