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Table 3 Study inclusion and exclusion criteriaa

From: The Discharge Communication Study: research protocol for a mixed methods study to investigate and triangulate discharge communication experiences of patients, GPs, and hospital professionals, alongside a corresponding discharge letter sample

Inclusion criteria • NHS adult (18+ years) patients discharged from a hospital following an episode of inpatient or outpatient care.
• Patient registered with the participating GP practice.
• Patient treated at and discharged from a hospital within Warwickshire, Coventry, Rugby, Herefordshire or Worcestershire.
• Cases where written discharge communication has been sent to the patient’s GP.
Exclusion criteria • Age < 18 years.
• Patients who lack capacity to give informed consent to participate in the study (e.g. Alzheimer’s) or are deemed by the GP to be unsuitable for participation (e.g. end of life).
• Patients discharged to providers or units other than their GP (e.g. discharge from hospital to a rehab unit).
• Discharge communication from mental health services.
• Communication about individuals who are considered unable to participate in an interview or focus group or survey conducted in English.
Those who do not wish to participate.
Those who have expressed a general wish not to participate in research.
  1. aAll criteria apply to phase I letters and phase II for patients with only those in bold applying to GPs in phase I and hospital professionals in phase III