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Table 1 List of search terms

From: The Discharge Communication Study: research protocol for a mixed methods study to investigate and triangulate discharge communication experiences of patients, GPs, and hospital professionals, alongside a corresponding discharge letter sample

1. Discharge communication
2. Discharge summary(ies)
3. Discharge letter(s)
4. Discharge planning
5. Secondary to primary care communication
6. Patient discharge
7. Hospital GP communication
8. Hospital specialist discharge communication
9. Information sent to GPs following discharge
10. Discharge documents for GPs
11. Hospital discharge letters
12. Discharge documents
13. Discharge information
14. Hospital to primary care/family physician communication
15. Discharge information for GPs
16. Discharge information for family/primary care physicians
17. Communication following patient discharge
18. Discharge process
19. Communication AND discharge
20. Electronic discharge medicine information
21. Integrated care information communication to GPs
22. Hospital discharge information communication