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Table 1 Outcome measurements according to time points of collection

From: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention to implement a clinical practice guideline for systemic lupus erythematosus: protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial

Time point Outcomes measured on patients Outcomes measured on rheumatologists
T1 (baseline)a Demographic data
SLAQ [29]; EQ-5D-5L [30]; LupusQoL [31]; SDM-Q-9c [32]
Demographic data; professional profile;
Adherence to recommendations;
LatConIId [34, 35]; Knowledge testd
T2 (9 mo)b SLAQ [29];
Health care utilization and productivity losses
T3 (18 mo)b SLAQ [29]; EQ-5D-5L [30]; LupusQoL [31];
Health care utilization and productivity losses
Adherence to recommendations;
LatConII [34, 35]; Knowledge test
  1. Abbreviations: LatConII Leeds Attitude Towards Concordance II Scale, LupusQoL Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Quality of Life questionnaire, SDM-Q-9 Shared Decision-Making questionnaire, SLAQ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Activity Questionnaire, mo months
  2. aSelf-reported face to face
  3. bSelf-reported by telephone
  4. cAlso after each consultation during study follow-up
  5. dBefore and after the educational group programme