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Table 6 Summary of the inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Communication and patient safety in gynecology and obstetrics - study protocol of an intervention study

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Expectant mother or patient in gynecology and obstetrics or social support providers (spouse/partner, relative, close friend) to be recipient of the training
Professional in a gynecology and obstetrics hospital to be trainer of the patients and the social support providers
Not proficient in the German language and/or does not have the capability of writing
Severe cognitive deficits (unable to read/write/answer questions) and impairments due to diagnosed brain injuries, neurological disorders, etc.
Insufficient corrected eyesight (patients must be able to read on the cell phone)
Participation in another research study or intervention trial conducted in the clinic
Aged 18 years and above Younger than 18 years
Healthy volunteers High risk, emergency case
Declaration of consent for participation in the study Withdraw of consent for participation in the study at any point in time