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Table 1 Overview of the addressed concepts and hypotheses (numbers in brackets represent the hypotheses as described in text below)

From: Communication and patient safety in gynecology and obstetrics - study protocol of an intervention study

  Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Communication competences (1., 4., 7.)
Preventable adverse events (pAEs) (3., 6., 9.)
Healthcare provider satisfaction (2., 8.)
Patient satisfaction (5., 8.)
Training-related outcomes1 (outcome expectancies, goals and intention, action planning, coping planning, behavior, self-efficacy) (10.)
Personal outcomes (stress, coping, subjective safety culture) (10.)
Organizational outcomes (adherence to safety culture) (11.)
  1. Note: 1As described in the HAPA model; ↓ = Hypotheses that criteria decreases due to the training; ↑ = Hypotheses that criteria increase; − = no evaluation planned