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Table 1 Registers and data sources reviewed

From: Primary healthcare and school health service utilisation by adolescents and young adults in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Data source (time period)LocationUnit recorded on registerData elements relevant for this studyType of fieldExpected coverage
Daily clinic ‘pink’ registers
(May 15, July 15, Sep 15, Nov 15, Jan 16 , Mar 16)
PHCC and mobile clinicsClient consultation  All clinic consultations
  Provisional diagnosisFree text 
  Treatment/managementFree text 
PHCC comprehensive tick register
(May-Sept 16)
PHCCClient consultation  All clinic consultations
  Family planning acceptor <18 yearsTick box 
  Diabetes client <18 years newTick box 
  Mental health client < 18 yearsTick box 
  Td dose at 12 yearsTick box 
  ANC 1st visit <18 yearsTick box 
  Other reasons for consultation/service provided/clinical outcome - ~50 categoriesTick boxes 
Integrated School Health Programme Daily Register
(Jul 15, Sep 15, Nov 15, Jan 16, Mar 16, May 16)
School health team (SHT)Client consultation  All consultations with SHT
  Gender of studentTick box 
  Screening in grade 8Tick box 
  Screening in grade 10Tick box 
  12 year tetanus vaccination givenTick box 
  Other reasons for consultation- 13 categoriesTick boxes 
  Treatment given/referral to services- 28 categories including ‘Td given’Tick boxes 
District Health Information System
(May-Sep 16)
DistrictConsultations per clinic per month  All clinic consultations
  Family planning acceptor <18 yearsNumber 
  Diabetes client <18 years newNumber 
  Mental health client < 18 yearsNumber 
  Td dose at 12 yearsNumber 
  ANC 1st visit <18 yearsNumber