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Table 2 Multiple logistic regression analysis for predictors of donor satisfaction

From: Post-donation satisfaction in kidney transplantation: a survey of living donors in Japan

  B Wald Exp (B) 95% CI for Exp (B) p
  Lower Upper  
Donor variables
 Perception of donation results and transplant procedure Adequate information prior to transplant* −1.753 19.258 0.173 0.079 0.379 0.000
Life Orientation Test Optimism 0.215 6.084 1.240 1.045 1.470 0.014
Recipient variables
 Serum creatinine level, current −.687 3.721 0.503 0.250 1.011 0.054
  1. * Lower score indicates better perception
  2. CI confidence interval
  3. We conducted the multiple (binomial) logistic regression analysis with forward stepwise variable selection to detect predictors of donor satisfaction. Six variables from univariate analyses with p < 0.1 were included in the model. Of the six variables, the following three were excluded in forward stepwise variables selection: “increase in self-esteem/self-worth after donation” in Perception of donation results and transplant procedure, donor Self-Rating Depression Scale score, and recipient CSQ-8 score