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Table 1 Site Descriptions

From: Patient and provider perspectives on how trust influences maternal vaccine acceptance among pregnant women in Kenya

Site Description
Mombasa A major tourist area, Mombasa is located in the south east of Kenya and represents a semi urban setting. Accessibility to healthcare facilities differs on proximity to Mombasa town;
Health facilities included Coast General Provincial Hospital (a KEMRI/ CDC influenza site). It is the second largest public hospital in Kenya with a bed capacity of 672. There are about 80 healthcare staff members working in child and maternal health. In 2015, the maternal clinic saw 1882 new patients and 4226 returning patients. This hospital is part of the influenza surveillance platforms.
Nairobi As the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi represents the urban setting. Accessibility to different types of health facilities (private/ public) is higher in Nairobi than anywhere else in the country.
Health facilities included Mbagathi District Hospital which is located in Nairobi right next to KEMRI and CDC Kenya. This hospital has a bed capacity of 320. There are about 53 healthcare workers handling maternal and children issues. The average number of pregnant women seen per month at the hospital is 500.
Marsabit Located in Northern Kenya, it is a hard to reach and sparsely populated area. It is the most unique of all four locations as it is primarily composed of a nomadic community. Accessibility to any health care facilities is poor.
Health facilities included Marsabit District Hospital which is located in the north Eastern part of Kenya. The hospital has a capacity of 86 beds. This location allowed the team to access a different population seen at the other hospitals.
Siaya Located in Western Kenya and close to Kisumu, Siaya represents the rural setting. Accessibility to healthcare facilities differs depending on proximity to Kisumu which is another major city in Kenya.
Health facilities included Siaya County Referral Hospital which serves a large number of rural and low social economic patients. The bed capacity is 200. There are 26 health care workers within the maternal clinic that care for and see about 300 to 400 new and returning pregnant women. It is located about 72 Km from The Centre for Global Health Research at KEMRI Kisumu Field Station