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Table 4 Negative rankings of CHPS by six young men at Avedo. An example of unfavourable FGD assessments of CHPS

From: A qualitative appraisal of stakeholders’ perspectives of a community-based primary health care program in rural Ghana

CHPS scoring Thematic Areas Participant justification for the scores:
1 Poor human relations Because they don’t have good human relations.
2 Time & unavailability They are not always around.
5 Extortion Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes too they take money from us and that’s bribe.
3 Inefficiency They didn’t heal my sickness, I had to go to another place for treatment after visiting the CHC
2 Weak follow up When we take our younger siblings to the hospital, 3 days after, they have to come and check up on them from our village but they don’t do it.
1 Low capacity Because if someone is seriously sick and you take the person there and they are even taking care of another person, they have to excuse themselves and at least know what is wrong with the person before going back to the person they were working on earlier. They waste time and afterwards, refer you to another hospital when it is late in the evening.
  1. Source: CHPS+ qualitative data, 2017