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Table 3 Positive rating of CHPS by eight mothers: Mbugalin (V1)

From: A qualitative appraisal of stakeholders’ perspectives of a community-based primary health care program in rural Ghana

CHPS rating Thematic areas Participant justification for the scores:
10 Appreciation I will rate it 10 because they are doing well.
9 Missing key service I will rate it 9 because they do not carry out blood transfusion
7 I will rate it 7 because they do not treat all the sicknesses we take there.
8 Can still do better I will rate their services 8 because there is still a lot that needs to be done.
10 Confidence I will rate it 10 because I believe in them.
10 Appreciation The CHPS is doing well, but it needs a lot of improvement. Because referring us means they do not have enough machines, medicines and other health materials. I will rate it at 10 out of 10
10 Hard work I would give them 20 out of 20 because they are working hard at the facility. When you go there at night and wake them up, they would attend to you. They would stay with the patient till daybreak. So I would give them all 20 out of 20.
10 High efficiency I think 10 should have been added to the 20 to make it 30 because my wife gave birth at the facility twice and one time when we get to the facility the doctor told me if we had wasted another 5 min the child would have died and today the child is grown, so why won’t I praise God. I wish I had the strength, I would have expanded the facility.
  1. Source: CHPS+ qualitative data, 2017