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Table 2 Relationship between the evaluation questions and data sources

From: A mixed methods evaluation of an integrated adult mental health service model

  Data sources
Evaluation questions A: Observational data and document reviewsa B: Stakeholder consultationsb C. YES surveya D: Routinely collected client-level dataa E: Follow-up study of clientsb
Process evaluation Q1. Was an integrated service model implemented at the Floresco Centre as planned?   
Q2. What were the barriers to effective service integration?    
Q3. What were the key enablers of service integration?      
Q4. How could the Floresco service model be improved to achieve better outcomes for clients?      
Outcomes evaluation Q5. Has the Floresco service model improved outcomes for people with mental illness?  
Q6. To what extent has the service model contributed to improved system outcomes, including reduced use of acute care services?     
  1. Major contribution; Minor contribution
  2. adata source was a routine source
  3. bdata source was designed for this evaluation