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Table 2 Detailed distribution of responses of the panelists (n = 64) on items related to MTEs surveillance systems in their institutions

From: Medication transcription errors in hospitalized patient settings: a consensual study in the Palestinian nursing practice

Item Response distribution
n %
Is there any MTE surveillance system in your current institution?   
 Yes 26 40.6
 No 38 59.4
Does your current institution encourage MTE reporting?
 Yes 31 48.4
 No 33 51.6
Do you receive clear instructions and/or training from the management of your institution to minimize MTEs?
 Yes 31 48.4
 No 33 51.6
Do you think that the instructions and/or training in place are enough to reduce MTEs?
 Yes 25 39.1
 No 39 60.9
  1. MTEs Medication transcription errors