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Table 4 Sub-categories and sample quotes from the focus groupsa describing the category “gives some good”

From: Perspectives on health examination for asylum seekers in relation to health literacy – focus group discussions with Arabic and Somali speaking participants

Category Sub-category Quotes
Gives some good Gives support and relief A4 (P1): It was good to know that I didn’t have the diseases that they tested for …
A4 (P3): And I got assurance about my health. In general I was calmed about my health situation.
S2 (P1): After a health examination, you get rid of a lot of worry that you’ve had and find out that everything is okay.
S3 (P2): I found out that I had diabetes and then I got the right treatment.
A3 (P3): They found two diseases and made me aware … And I followed them up when I was finished there …
A2 (P5): I told them that I had a knee injury … and they sent me right away to get sessions with a physical therapist …
S3(P2): … at the health examination that I took I found out also that I had diabetes. After that I got the right treatment.
Cares on a personal level S3 (P1): … they took good care of me … they welcomed me – showed me where to sit – they made me feel secure and showed me respect – and in terms of language, an interpreter was there. It didn’t matter if you could speak good Swedish or Somali, they had an interpreter there anyway.
A4 (P1): They were cooperative and even asked me whether there was something I wanted to bring up … I think they met me in a good way.
S1 (P1): … then I asked for a health examination, which they gave me.
  1. aA Arabic speaking focus group, S Somali speaking focus group, P Participant