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Table 2 Details of the self-management of diabetes in pregnancy

From: Service evaluation of diabetes management during pregnancy in a regional maternity hospital: potential scope for increased self-management and remote patient monitoring through mHealth solutions

  (%) Responses (n)
Current usage of the smartphones
 Yes 93.5 95
 No 6.4 4
Usage of the smartphones or tablets to obtain or manage health or pregnancy related information
 Yes 72.9 43
 No 27.1 16
Health related activities that participants use their device(s) for
Electronic communication (email, chat, text messages) with my doctor or midwife 45.6 26
Electronic communication with patient groups (group text messages/ Facebook/WhatsApp etc.) 29.8 17
Electronic communication with other health care providers 14 8
Finding doctors 3.5 2
Finding pharmacies 5.3 3
Managing my health data (blood sugar, heart rate, blood pressure) 8.8 5
For obtaining information about symptoms and conditions 66.7 38
For obtaining information about diagnostic and therapeutic procedures 31.6 18
For finding my own diagnosis 26.3 15
For documenting and managing fitness related data (e.g. using blood glucose meters, Fitbit etc.) 19.3 11
Other 14 8
Concerns in relation to using smartphones/tablets in the context of managing their health or pregnancy
None 75.8 47
Concerns about data security 17.7 11
Concerns about the technical reliability of the devices 6.4 4
Concerns about the reliability of the software 9.7 6
The devices are too complicated to use 1.6 1
Not being able to attend as many hospital appointments/other concerns 3.2 2
Participants willingness to manage diabetes remotely
 Yes 66.7 42
 No 14.3 9
 Not sure 19 12