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Table 4 Factors associated with primary health institutions preference

From: Primary health institutions preference by hypertensive patients: effect of distance, trust and quality of management in the rural Heilongjiang province of China

VariablesBWaldsPOR95% CI
Age group (55–65) vs (<=55)0.3293.4790.0621.8470.9693.520
Age group (> = 65) vs (<=55)0.4326.4720.0113.0011.2876.999
The nearest health institutions (primary health institutions vs non-primary health institution)0.8178.1960.00410.3602.09051.343
Trust in village doctors vs distrust0.59311.2820.0017.3232.29223.399
Being asked for return visits by primary care physicians over the past 6 months vs not being asked0.3105.5160.0192.0731.1283.808