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Table 1 Complete overview of the questionnaires used in the PROKID project

From: Remote follow-up using patient-reported outcome measures in patients with chronic kidney disease: the PROKID study – study protocol for a non-inferiority pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Name Introduction Baseline Clinical questionnaire Research questionnaire
Purpose Identify determinants for patients choosing PRO-based follow-up Baseline characteristics Using questionnaire as screenings tool and dialogue support Repeated measures of characteristics
Respondents ALL newly referred patients in renal outpatient clinic ALL enrolled patients in PROKID study Participants in PRO-based follow-up and in PRO-based telephone consultation arm ALL patients in the three randomisation groups
Content • Renal-specific items
• SF-GH1
• HLQa (subscale 4,6,9)
• Self-efficacyb
• PAMc(2 + 12)
• Demographic
• Consent (Yes/no)h
• Renal-specific domains
• SF-GH1d
• EQ-5De
Renal-specific domains
• SF-GH1
• Need/wish for consultation
• Free textbox
• Self-efficacy
• EQ-5D
• Patient involvement
• Confidence
• Satisfaction
No items 36 37 29 27
  1. a Health Literacy Questionnaire, b General Self-efficacy Scale (GSE), c Patient Activation Measure, d Short Form 36_GH1, e Euroqol Quality of Life, f Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire, g Kidney Disease Quality of Life Short Form,h Consent to allow the researchers to obtain data on blood samples from the medical record