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Table 1 Criteria for the Choosing Wisely recommendations

From: Highlighting the need for de-implementation – Choosing Wisely recommendations based on clinical practice guidelines

Quality criteria
 Relevance: The recommendation should target an intervention that
 • can cause significant harm to patients or the health care system or
 • is ineffective but widely used or
 • has a notable economic impact
 Feasible: Possibility to have an impact on clinical practice
 Evidence-based: The recommendation is based on critically appraised literature, preferably presented in evidence summaries
 Strength: A possibility to give a strong recommendation* (GRADE criterion) [14]
Process criteria
 The reasons for acceptance or rejection are documented
 The authors of the recommendation do not have significant conflicts of interest
 The recommendations are published in a consistent format including a short justification
 The Finnish Medical Society has the final decision on publishing
  1. *A strong recommendation can in certain cases be given independent of the level of evidence