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Table 2 Mean scoresa [standard deviation] for hospital and primary-care midwives for questions in ‘job satisfaction’ domain

From: Are midwives in the Netherlands satisfied with their jobs? A systematic examination of satisfaction levels among hospital and primary-care midwives in the Netherlands

Individual factor statements for ‘job-satisfaction’ domainOverall mean for both professional groups
mean [SD]
Hospital midwivesb
mean [SD]
Primary care midwivesc mean [SD]P value
If I had to choose again, I’d choose this job3.12 [0.68]3.15 [0.64]3.02 [0.74]0.54
I would like to change jobs3.18 [0.71]3.02 [0.72]3.03 [0.76]0.28
I’m satisfied with my job3.21 [0.59]3.06 [0.59]3.13 [0.63]0.31
I would recommend a friend to take this job2.87 [0.67]2.90 [0.64]2.62 [0.72]0.001
When I applied this is the job that I wanted3.36 [0.55]3.25 [0.52]3.27 [0.59]0.70
I often have to do work that I would rather not do3.03 [0.57]3.04 [0.53]2.86 [0.64]0.11
Domain score per profession (mean) SD3.13 [0.47]3.07 [0.48]3.02 [0.48]0.45
  1. aEach question had a maximum possible score of 4
  2. bn = 103
  3. cn = 405