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Table 4 Example of questions in the interview guide

From: Lack of focus on nutrition and documentation in nursing homes, home care- and home nursing: the self-perceived views of the primary care workforce

Domain Examples of interview questions
Routines (nutrition and documentation) - Is nutritional care a routine task in your workplace?
- What are your specific daily tasks or routines in relation to nutrition?
- Do you experience that your daily routines are consistent?
- Do you develop nutritional care plans?
- When do you think that it is necessary to develop nutrition care plans?
- Can you tell me how you work with and use documentation in your daily work?
- Do you consider a primary care context as an advantage or disadvantage when planning and documenting nutritional care?
- How do you primarily communicate nutritional related observations with your colleagues?
Knowledge (nutrition and documentation) - Can you tell me which type of knowledge you base your nutritional advice upon? (evidence /expert)?
- Can you mention some of the latest nutritional advice you gave a patient?
- Do you feel that you know enough about nutrition?
- Where do you seek guidance concerning nutritional care or documentation if needed?
- How do you become aware of nutritional issues with the patient?
- What do you do if a patient is malnourished or at risk of malnutrition?
- Do you know of existing nutritional screening instruments?
- Do you know how to develop nutritional care plans?
Attitudes (nutrition and documentation) - Do you consider nutrition to be part of your responsibility?
- Do you all have the same degree of responsibility or are there different levels of responsibility?
- Is nutritional care important? Does it “work”?
- Do you think that documentation supports you in your daily work?
- Is documentation a priority in your workplace?