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Table 2 Results from the qualitative evaluation phase

From: Evaluation of a shared decision-making communication skills training for physicians treating patients with asthma: a mixed methods study using simulated patients

Main code Exemplary quote
Experience of change in attitudes and communication behaviors “I pay more attention to the way I steer my consultations. Previously, I have probably paid no attention to this, at all, in stressful situations. But now I try to reflect: Was this ok, the way I steered this consultation?” (P4)
Satisfaction with the training and its components „I am grateful. It was a great opportunity to perform these [simulated patient] situations and receive supervision. You hardly ever get this opportunity as a physician in outpatient care or in hospital.“(P8)
The most beneficial training components „I would say, analysis [of simulated patient consultations] in general and then the video-analysis, during which you see your own reactions and how you behave, and receive feedback from others watching this.” (P19)
Recommendation to a friend or colleague „It depends on the person and his or her level of training. I would recommend it to beginners, but not necessarily to the more experienced.” (P20)
Suggestions for improvement of the training „You know, to get the picture, you would have to accompany a physician during his consultation hours. You see, a simulated consultation with an actor is beneficial in some way, but it doesn’t correspond to the reality we have to face.” (P4)
  1. P1-P22 in brackets = physicians who participated in the qualitative evaluation