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Table 3 Absolute and incremental costs, effect and cost-effectiveness from the patients, health facilities and the TB program perspective. For both strategies, incremental values are calculated compared to a common baseline, i.e. no case finding

From: The cost-effectiveness of incentive-based active case finding for tuberculosis (TB) control in the private sector Karachi, Pakistan

Strategy Cost/health seeker for symptoms of TB (USD) Incremental Cost DALYs Incremental DALYs Incremental C/E
No passive case finding 0   0.1806   
Passive case finding 6.09 6.09 0.0491 0.1315 46.27
No active case finding 0   0.1806   
Active case finding 2.67 2.67 0.0107 0.1699 15.74
  1. The DALY is a negative outcome measure, meaning that less are better than more. Thus, the DALYs were inverted for computational reasons in this analysis