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Table 2 Observational assessment of healthcare waste treatment and disposal practices in Bale zone hospitals, Southeast Ethiopia 2018

From: Self-reported healthcare waste segregation practice and its correlate among healthcare workers in hospitals of Southeast Ethiopia

Healthcare waste treatment and disposal practice description (n = 5)a Yes
A designated area for waste treatment and disposal 5
Waste disposal site fenced 1
Having walkway to waste disposal site 3
On-site treatment of HCW practiced 5
On-site disposal of HCW 5
Presence of incinerators 5
Incinerators with some form of problems related to design and construction witnessed 5
Incinerators had remnants of incompletely burned HCW witnessed at the time of observational assessment 3
Presence of safe burial 0
Open pit/ open air/ burning and damping of HCW 5
Presence of placental disposal pit 5
Properly constructed watertight ash/needle pit witnessed 0
Offsite disposal (outsourcing) of HCW 0
  1. aNumber of hospitals