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Table 5 Odds ratios (95% CI in parentheses) for factors associated with barriers to services for young people with ASD (parents’ reports)

From: Service use, unmet needs, and barriers to services among adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder in Poland

Factor Services not available Don’t qualify to services Services too costly No info on services Services too far
Being younger (12–14 y.o.)a   2.16
Lower incomeb 1.24
Attending integrated classc 2.02
Living in a medium cityd 3.07
Living in a small cityd   2.52
Living in a villaged 4.07
  1. Note. Analyses were performed separately for each barrier. Only significant factors (p < .05) are shown
  2. a 18–24 years old range as a reference. b Change in odds with every decrease of the income level. c Attending a special education classroom as a reference. d A large city as a reference