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Table 2 First draft of a colposcopy self-rating questionnaire (15 items)

From: Development of the Patient’s Experience and Attitude Colposcopy Eindhoven Questionnaire (PEACE-q)

  Eigenvalues of subscales
Two-dimension structure 4.2 2.9
1. I was well-informed about the colposcopy   0.603
2. I was not looking forward to the colposcopy 0.718  
3. I was preoccupied with the possible outcome of the colposcopy 0.802  
4. I felt stressed about the colposcopy 0.817  
5. The colposcopy went as I expected 0.526 0.412
6. I was worried about the outcome of the colposcopy 0.840  
7. I was worried about the possible further treatment options 0.818  
8. The gynecologist put me at ease   0.629
9. I was pleased that I was able to watch the procedure along on the monitor   
10. I experienced the procedure as painful 0.673  
11. I am satisfied with the provided information about the colposcopy   0.775
12. I have done some research on the internet myself 0.316  
13. After completing the colposcopy, I was well-informed when it was permitted to have sexual intercourse again   0.606
14. I am satisfied about the way I received the results   0.742
15. I was well-informed about the next steps after the colposcopy   0.608