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Table 3 Types, causes and factors of medication errors

From: Improving drug safety in hospitals: a retrospective study on the potential of adverse drug events coded in routine data

ADE code Type of medication error N Causes/Factors N
D68.33 Wrong time of administration 1  
  Improper dose 3 Heavy workload 1
I95.2 Improper dose 3 Verbal miscommunication 1
L27.0 Contraindication, known allergy (antibiotic) 14 Transcription error
Written miscommunication
L27.1 Contraindication, known allergy (antibiotic) 10 Transcription error
Written miscommunication
Contraindication, known allergy (analgesic) 2 Verbal miscommunication 1
Contraindication, known allergy (heparin) 1  
Improper dose 1  
N99.0 Contraindication, comorbidity 1  
Contraindication, drug-drug interaction 1  
  Total 37   
  1. ADE adverse drug event