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Table 5 Patients ‘diabetes Status

From: Awareness of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy among a group of diabetic patients in main public hospitals in Damascus, Syria during the Syrian crisis

   n (%)
Have you visited a doctor for diabetes before? yes 241 (92.7)
no 16 (6.2)
Do you have any of the following diabetic complications? Diabetic neuropathy (numbness)a 147 (56.5)
Kidney disease 39(15)
Stroke 13 (5)
Heart disease 30 (11.5)
leg stroke b 37 (14.2)
Do you Have: Hypertension 140 (53.8)
Hyperlipidemia 89 (34.2)
Family history of Diabetes 166 (63.8)
  1. a Numbness was explained to the patients as loss of feeling in hands and feet and abnormal spontaneous sensations (paresthesia)
  2. b (limb ischemia or lower limbs arterial occlusion)